ECKANKAR - The Path of Spiritual Freedom

Harold Klemmp - Spiritual Leader of Eckankar

Harold Klemp
Spritual Leader
of Eckankar

ECKANKAR teaches that there is an audible life current known as the ECK, or Holy Spirit, that connects each of us with the heart of God. We can experience the ECK as Light and Sound. Through study and practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, we learn to recognize the Light and Sound of God as It touches our lives and brings increased divine love.

The spiritual leader of Eckankar is the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp. The Mahanta is the inner, or spiritual, form of the Living ECK Master. The Mahanta gives inner guidance through dreams, Soul Travel, and the Spiritual Exercises of ECK. Harold Klemp's inspiring talks and writings, and his practical approach to spirituality, help thousands of people worldwide find greater freedom, wisdom, and love. His teachings uplift and help people recognize their own experiences with the Light and Sound of God.

“When you start to do the Spiritual Exercises of ECK, the Light and Sound of the Holy Spirit begin to enter you through an invisible communication line, and changes come about in your personality. You become a more independent, thoughtful, self-motivated individual because you are taking the first steps toward self-mastery. And self-mastery means you are in charge of yourself.”

            –Harold Klemp, The Golden Heart, p. 87